Fakebba Drammeh

Fekebba Drammeh is simply the greatest golfer in the history of The Gambia. Introduced to the game by Alhagie Drammeh, Fakebba grew from a novice, carrying golf kits in the shrubs of the Fajara club to become champion of the course, standing tall above members from home and abroad. By the time he turned professional, Fakebba’s captivating skills have won him not only a collection of trophies but also, the admiration of not just his compatriots but the entire expatriate community members of the club, who fittingly compared him only to the world best player, hence the name Tiger Woods. And like his name shake, Fakebba did not disappoint fans and club members, by winning almost everything that was ever staged as a professional prize at home in addition to reputable outings on international courses.