Beatrice Allen

Forget about Kabba Bajo, Sports Council boss George Gomez or even Minister Henry Gomez. When it comes to sports administration in The Gambia, none can compare with Beatrice Allen.The iron lady with a patient but straight face demeanor commands respect in the olympic movement. In fact the GNOC family dread her. All it takes is her offices’ recommendation on an individual membership to be sidelined or expelled from her coveted “terri kafoo” club at the Olympic house.
Ask the latest victim Harouna Cham of Handball.

It is rare for her to find time to speak with Gambian journalists about her office of GNOC vice president. Yet, she has survived numerous attempts to be ousted from office- ranging from sports ministers to other shrewd and powerful sports administrators. Also outlived many executive GNOC executive boards, Abu Dandeh Njie, Lang Tombong Tamba, Momodou Dibba and now working with Dodou Capi Joof.
Beatrice has proven to be the most influential personality in our sport, more so in deciding who becomes the president of the GNOC- a position – which in all honesty has become ceremonial. Many criticize her for her authoritarian styles in private but only few speak about it in public. Not even our ruthless media.