Mariama T Jallow

Born in Essau and a product of Gambia Senior Secondary School, Mariama T Jallow is working for the Gambian police department and is raising Gambia's profile in international marathons, including a major one last September.The marathon (42,2 km) in Kassel Germany. She broke many national records. She broke the national record of Gambia on the marathon with 13 minutes and she also broke the record on the 10 km and the half marathon.

All of this was possible because Mariama T Jallow has been invited to train in Iten Kenya. In this home of champions, she wanted to become faster and train in the right way to put Gambia on the world map of athletics. This was possible with the help of a few Dutch people who believed in her.
The 22-year old Mariama T Jallow became 4th in the Kassel marathon with a time of 2.44.59. This was 13 minutes faster than her first marathon in Dakar February 14, 2016.
“I am so very happy with this result. My hard work is being rewarded and with this time I can qualify for the world championship Marathon 2017 in London”.
The Gambia can now celebrate this new success of Mariama T Jallow. She says: “Off course I want to become faster, better and continue what I started. But this can only happen with the help of new sponsors, because training in Kenya or Ethiopia is very expensive. But very necessary to make Gambia belong to the best athletic countries of the world