Kenya stripped off CHAN rights, a disgrace which others should learn from

Ahmad Ahmad and CAF-Exco on Saturday 23rd September stripped off Kenya its right to host the CHAN 2018 a decision which was backed with the reports on inspection which clearly indicates that Kenya are far way too behind.

New host bid are open. Three partners should be blamed here the Government, Ministry of Sports and the President of the FA. I don't think you can use your campaign as a yardstick to renew promises that are already in your vision and mission. A trend that most African politicians do. In 2013 Uhuru promised that its government will build five international stadiums across the country. Four years later , even the foundation stones have faded away.

Soul searching moment rumbles on in Gambian football

BY: Momodou Gajaga and John Mendy in Cape Coast, Ghana

What aren’t we doing right that other nations have done or are doing? Should someone lead the development path? Or who’s to be blame?

The Scorpions of the Gambia used to be lethal in continental outings, much to the delight of youths who rallied behind the Under-17s, Under-20s and so on. But now, countries like Senegal, Guinea Bissau, Mauritania, etc are growing paces while The Gambia is still rooted at the bottom of the pyramid.

CAF should change the status-quo of refereeing in Africa

As much as Ahmad Ahmad and his team want to clear CAF from corruption and sell a better image of African football, therefore addressing and upgrading the standard of referees across the continent should be among its agenda.

Off late Africa can't boast more than five outstanding referees, and that number can be seen when officials are been nominated for world competitions, be it World Cup, Club World Cup, Confederation Cup or even Olympics. Only three do make the cut, as a continent that is a very small number .You can't blame FIFA much if African referees aren't working in the standard they are expected to deliver.

Man of the moment Tapha Manneh makes history in Liberia

Little did he know that his Liberia adventure will hand him two gold medals, a league record set and earned him respect within Liberia.

Before Coach Tapha Manneh was appointed to take the reigns at LISCR FC, fans have deserted the club, simply because West Africans do not want to associate themselves with losers, it’s all about winning as far as fans are concerned. The only thing trending in Gambia and Liberia is coach Tapha Manneh, who didn’t hide his delight but stressed that he wasn’t surprised at the end product of his club.