Gambia’s Beach Volleyball league secures sponsorship deal

BY: Muhammed L. Saidykhan

It’s been a year of promise for Gambia volleyball as it was a year where young talents finally raised their hands at both national team and club level.

The budding talents delivered an entertaining Gambia Volleyball Federation (GVBF) national league and cup finals last October.

And for the first time, the national beach volleyball championship will have a title sponsor in FAR Limited who will pump in D200,000 for the event.

It was a sign of good things to come from the new GVBF office that was elected in December. The 2018/2019 National beach volleyball championship, organised by The Gambia Volleyball Federation, will be funded by FAR Gambia Limited.

The GVBF announced Tuesday that FAR Limited will be splashing D200,000 (two hundred thousand Dalasi) in the undergoing national beach volleyball championship.