Suspended KMRFA boss Paco Dampha Speaks

BY: Alieu Ceesay

The suspended president of the Kanifing Municipality Regional Football Association has called on the GFF President Lamin Kaba Bajo to respect the GFF Constitution as he reacted to the move taken by the General Assembly during the GFF AGM to suspend him two weeks ago.

Bakary Paco Dampha was suspended from all football relating activities following a voting process at the 2017 AGM of GFF. 

Paco as he is fondly called, has since then written to the GFF expressing his utmost disapproval of the decision and the procedures taken to suspend him. “Following the passage of resolution at the Annual General Meeting of The Gambia Football Federation to suspend me from its activities, I write to convey my registered disappointment and disapproval of your decision to suspend me. I am of the view that the deliberations at the AGM that preceded my suspension were mere gossip, I was not given the opportunity to present my case before the delegates,” he stated in a letter to the GFF. 

As the elected president of KMRFA, he believed he can only be suspended from the GFF upon submission of a petition signed by affiliated Zones and clubs of KMRFA to the GFF with allegation of gross violation of the KMRFA Constitution or GFF Constitution. “Without which my suspension cannot be set in motion. The motion for my suspension can only be table before the General Assembly by KMRFA.”

In an interview with Gambia Sports, Dampha said the suspension was not done in line with the dictates and tenets of the KMRFA Constitution and GFF Constitution respectively. “I am not informed of the offense I have committed warranting my suspension. Therefore, it is apparent that your office has not followed due process of law as required to suspend me,” the former chairman of Bakau Sports Committee tells the GFF in a letter sent to the Football House.

Dampha urged the GFF President Lamin Kaba Bajo to respect the KMRFA and GFF Constitutions and to strictly adhere and comply with the administrative protocols and procedures within the football hierarchy as envisaged under the GFF Constitution.

“Your leadership has completely caused disarray and chaotic situation in Gambian Football in the past and in recent times. I therefore appeal to you to be friendlier and reconciliatory with a view to promote and develop Football in the best interest of our beloved nation.”

According to him, he has not been officially notified of his suspension and was yet to receive any respond from the GFF since writing to them. He described the latest move as real witch hunt against him by the GFF.

While blaming the delegates for not understanding the GFF Constitution prior to voting for his suspension, he said he was never cautioned by the GFF on any issue leading to his suspension.