NSC ‘tight-lipped’ over handball clubs’ petition after 2 months

BY: Alieu Ceesay

A number of handball clubs have written a petition to the National Sports Council against the current executive of The Gambia Handball Association led by Sheriff Sanyang, Gambia Sports has gathered.

However, the clubs are not happy that the Council has been tight-lipped over the petition, despite receiving the petition letter two months ago.

Handball clubs petition leadership

BY: Alieu Ceesay

Some handball clubs affiliated to the Gambia Handball Association want the current executive to be dissolved.

The reasons, according to the clubs, in a petition sent to the National Sports Council, is due to what the clubs call “the executive’s lack of competence and proper handling of the affairs of the handball association”.

Basketball players frown at lack of payment

BY: Alieu Ceesay

Sports is described as a lucrative industry in the 21st century, but in The Gambia it is a different story.

Gambian basketball players are not happy at all with the authorities for the lack for non-payment of neither allowance nor per diem.